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The Grid-down Power Cable (GDPC) allows you to use common Rechargeable USB power banks to power any LEMO port equipped binocular night vision device. This can function as a primary external power source, but it’s especially useful for emergency “grid down” type situations.

The GDPC is also a serious asset for those that already use USB power for thermal and/or camera systems, because it allows the use of one battery pack that can power multiple devices (no need for multiple power sources).

The above concept applies to any other end user devices such as cell phones, GoPros  and other electronics that you may need to power in the field. The GDPC allows you to integrate your NVD into a shared power supply which is a common and affordable source of power.

It is up to the end user to choose from an almost endless array of different USB battery pack styles and sizes. Those choices include water resistant packs or really small USB packs. The larger ones function as a counterweight and typically fit into common mohawk-style counterweight systems.

Providing the possibility of an Extended battery life is a feature that sets this cable apart from all other external power systems (depending on which milliampere-hour size battery pack you choose). A conservative approximation of continuous run time on a common USB battery pack should be roughly 135 hours at 68 degrees F.

The GDPC is incredibly durable and utilizes a reinforced paracord insolating layer that offers extra strength and abrasion resistance along with fully sealed electronics to provide a waterproof design (USB BATTERY PACK PORTS ARE NOT WATERPROOF BUT THE PORTION OF THE GDPC CABLE THAT WOULD BE EXSPOSED ON THE EXTERIER OF A HELMET SYSTEM IS)

The GDPC was engineered to take 5v USB power and produce the same 3.2v-3.5v of traditional external power sources such as ANVIS/BNVD battery packs as well as the voltage of a single standard CR123A Battery, which is safe to use with your LEMO/FISCHER-equipped night vision devices. Each Cable is individually tested for quality control, and is hand built here in TEXAS utilizing high-end electronic components sourced from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS.
The Technology built into each GDPC cable offers a wide range of Features and Protections such as- Over Voltage/Current Protection, Thermal Shutdown, and most USB battery packs will also offer Short Circuit Protection.

One of the Features built into the GDPC allows the cable to Communicate with 99% of USB Battery Packs and offers a "STAY ON" State. Most USB battery packs can detect a No/Low Current Draw and will go into sleep mode. Night Vision draws only a small amount of current (not enough to keep Most USB battery packs ON). So you can be sure when you need power to your Night Vision it will always be available to you on-demand.

The GDPC LEMO Variant is optimized for RNVG & RPNVG. This is a 90 degree USB to 90 degree 4-pin LEMO connector. The LEMO is an 8-position adjustable connector, which is already clocked properly for use with RNVG/RPNVG binoculars. If you require a different position please refer to our GDPC overview video for adjustment directions. 

Please be sure to consider your cable management needs before purchasing to ensure the cable will work with your specific helmet and night vision configurations.

This is A Warrantied Item.
It is the sole responsibility of the end user to procure and employ a reliable and safe source of power. 

NOTICE: ITAR RESTRICTED ITEM. By Purchasing, You Agree To our Terms of Service

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